Nov. 7th, 2013

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One of the many reasons I don't like tumblr, is I feel like it pretty much took the social part of out of blogging.  Granted, I know that I am one of the worst lurkers in human history, so it's hard to bitch. Idk,  I'm writing this fic and it just makes me remember the crazy days after the  2009 movie came out, and I remember all the amazing people I met (literally met, and online met) and just wanted to kind of give a shout out to yesteryear, I guess.

Plus, I'm still pissed that I couldn't go to [ profile] kiscon, but that's another matter entirely. :D  I would have probably just run amok time and randomly began humping the legs of various writers and artists, and that couldn't have possibly ended well for anyone. [ profile] romanse1 said that the next one is in Germany, so I'll likely have to give that a miss, but hopefully eventually they'll decide to come closer to me.  I mean, Mickey Mouse and K/S on a beach!

Let's see. I'm writing a cute little ficlet for the [ profile] ksadvent, and feel like I'm dipping my toe back in.  I was stuck on a fic for a month or so. It helped tremendously to talk it through with another trekkie fan though. I ran into a plot hole from STID and was like "Well, fuck. Now what?" but I think we worked around it. Anyhoo, excited to be posting fic in K/S again.


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