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Ugh. I'm having such a hard time focusing.  I honestly don't know if it's better to put this fic aside for a bit and write the fic that I'm obsessing over, or just try to write all three of them at the same time.

Unfortunately, I write like a very constipated snail, so.

Suggestions? Ideas?
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I'm having a little trouble with fandom.

While I'm all in my OMG TREK TREK TREEEEEEEEEEEKKKKKK prancing around in utter glee mode, I'm hearing a lot of well. It sounds like really bitchy, whining, just... wank.

I mean I like wank as much as the next girl. Lord knows I write about enough of it.  But not that kind of wank.  Part of me wants to cry in a corner and part of me wants to shank people for being stupid. I mean, I've been in this fandom for over 22 years. That's a long fucking time to love something, and I'm the first to admit that maaaybe I love it a little too much.

I'm hoping that the really bad people (not anyone that disagrees with me of course... please don't think I'm bitching about that. I love any and all disagreements that are approached like an adult... with actual discussion not based on crazy bullshit. My problem is with the people who have never seen trek, thought about trek, etc etc etc who are all over here crapping on my parade.

Gah. I'm not expressing myself very well.  I know that those people will die out eventually as soon as the rest of us quit giving them troll fodder.

In conclusion QUIT HASHING MY GROOVE, MAN. THERE IS FIC (and vids! and arts!) TO DOOOO.
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Due to some rather shittastic happenings, I've taken down all my rpf fic.

If you'd like to download it, feel free.  I have links for pdf, mobi and epub. You can convert it to any other format that you need.

Please no podficing.
Please do not post the fic on any other website. Do not link directly to the files, as I am taking them down in a week. :)

Thank you guys for understanding.




love ya,

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Hi guys. 

Due to some rather shittastic happenings, I've taken down all my rpf fic. DO NOT PANIC. I have it saved, and will post the pdf files as soon as I find somewhere to host them. I'm too drained to do it tonight. Look for them tomorrow or Thurs.

I ask that you do not post any of my rpf fic to any site, even anonymously. You can send the pdfs to anyone that wants them, but I would prefer they not be posted. I know that once something is on the internet it stays on the internet, but I'm trying here. If anyone else has any ideas, please let me know.

I'll have them up in a few days, and keep them up for a week or so just in case anyone wants a copy.  Thanks guys.

(PS. I'll still be reading the fuck out of it... and posting...... just as ye olde anon. :D)
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I have written so much that I had to move everything over to its own page. 

You can find my Master Post here. at http://sites.google.com/site/1lostoneficspot/

Basically, I have written a TON OF CRAP and for whatever reason, livejournal has decided that the formatting wasn't working for them. But hey! Now with actual organization for the discerning fic reader....


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