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Title: If You Can’t Be With The One You Love, Honey…
Rating: NC-17 overall
Word Count:  3380/ a bunch

Paring: K/S  (Background Uhura/Bones)
Warnings:  this chapter has some mentions of violence.

Spock has a… not all together logical reaction to Captain Kirk’s constant disregard for his own safety on away missions.
Beta:  The amazing
[info]jademac2442 .  I mean it guys. You should see what this looks like before she gets her hands on it! ♥♥♥
A/N:  Thanks to
[info]jademac2442  and [info]jlm121  for cheerleading and letting me bounce ideas off of their heads. This process was occasionally painful.

Chapter 1 Chapter 2  Chapter 3  Chapter 4

A/N:  Guys, I can't apologize enough for this being so late. Those of you that follow along with my journal thank you for everything.  I had many issues, INCLUDING accidentally deleting the frakking thing.  I hope you enjoy, and there should only be two more chapters left after this. :)

Chapter 5

The beam-down coordinates set them on a pillar of stone, in what looked like a rock quarry. There was a low rumble, like a low-grade earthquake that caused  both Spock and Jim  to shift their center of gravity so that they wouldn’t fall.


Spock was interrupted by phaser fire. They both ducked - instinctively moving - as they always seemed to,- in almost perfect sync. Jim cried out as his phaser was shot, the immense heat causing him to drop it onto the rock surface before he burned his hand. He didn’t recognize the weapon Giotto held. It looked like a cross between a very small phaser and a Klingon disruptor, but the beam was much more controlled.

“Commander, I suggest you drop your weapon if you want your Captain to make it through this.”

Jim resisted the urge to roll his eyes. It was a completely inappropriate time, but it never failed to amuse him at the way two-bit psychopaths always seemed like they had the need to provide bad dialogue. Jim felt he was watching a holovid from the early twentieth century.

Figured that he’d be the damn damsel in distress. Bones was never gonna let him live this one down.

“Dropping my weapon would be illogical at this juncture.” Spock moved so that his body was angled in front of Jim’s, keeping himself between Cupcake’s weapon and the captain.

“Come on, man, what the hell?”  Jim spoke, unable to keep the disgust from his voice.

Giotto had a definite agenda here. Obviously.

“No, Kirk. You don’t get to play Captain here. You’re not the one in charge. I am. They promised me my own ship if I could deliver...”

“You betrayed your crewmates for personal gain?”

Poor Spock. He sounded so confused. Or maybe not. One part of his mind noticed that Spock still held his weapon. An unarmed Spock was lethal in the right circumstances. An
armed Spock was a completely different level of lethal.

Giotto laughed. “Oh shut up, you sanctimonious piece of shit. Not all of us were handed cake jobs because of a little personal tragedy. I had to work for my rank. Nothing was given to

Jim blinked, trying to equate Giotto’s words with the destruction of Spock’s entire planet.  He opened his mouth and was shocked when Spock deliberately stepped on his foot, keeping him from saying anything. The fingers on Spock’s left hand twitched microscopically to the right, and Jim looked. Indeed, two bulky figures were watching the drama from just behind a rock formation.

Aha. There were the Klingons. This really was like a bad holovid.

“Indeed. Your work ethic has shown you to be competent and focused, a lieutenant  posted to the flagship of the Federation.”

“Yeah. A
lieutenant. Everyone else is a bridge officer. I got the shaft! Well, fuck that. Those Klingon bastards promised me a shitton of credits if I could get the Enterprise here, and even more if I could arrange things so it looked like Captain Awesome here was losing his shit. It was easy to make him look like the fucking moron he really is.”

Fury hit Jim’s blood like some twisting poison.

“You’re the reason all those away missions went to shit?”

Giotto laughed. Spock shifted again, this time to check Jim’s instinctive lunge forward.

“People died on those missions! You’re saying you did that on purpose?!” Jim thought furiously. Whatever it was that was going on was being recorded. Nyota would be relaying this. At the very least, they could warp out of here without him and Spock, and Sulu would make sure that Pike heard all of this and--

“I don’t think I like your little attitude. I’m gonna have to ask you to move away from him, Commander.”

Jim could almost
hear Spock raising his eyebrow.

“I shall have to decline your request, Mr. Giotto.”

The sound of the weapon almost caused Jim’s heart to stop. Spock grunted and staggered forward, clutching his forearm. Jim stepped closer to Spock, supporting him with his own weight as Spock staggered, drops of bright green blood sliding down the Vulcan’s clenched fingers.

“You will not get another chance. Step away from him. Now.”  Jim looked up at Giotto, feeling his face pale when he saw the weapon pointed at Spock’s head.

Jim cursed and took two steps back. If Spock wouldn’t protect and watch out for his own ass, then Jim would just have to watch out for it for him. It occurred to him then, with desperate, stark clarity why exactly it was that Giotto had included Spock on this little jaunt.  Jim blinked, desperately trying to keep his new knowledge off of his face. He couldn’t help the instinctive move when he saw Giotto go for the device on his arm and cursed as Giotto entered something onto keypad.

Jim felt the familiar, swirling feeling of his molecules being rearranged as he was physically transported. He whirled around, one part of his mind noting that he wasn’t actually all that far from where he had started out.  He was standing on the top of a what looked like a pillar that rose up over the rock quarry. There were about four feet on all sides of Jim to the edge. He took a few cautious steps, peeking down to the bottom.

The mining on Praxis had been going on for years. Whatever else this area was being used for, the miners had cleared out a vast gaping hole in the moon’s surface. Jim didn’t know how far down it was, but he quickly realized that if he fell off the rock he was standing on it would take a disturbingly long time before his body hit anything.

What the fuck was it with him and quarries, anyway? Jim cursed under his breath and looked around for his first officer. Spock was calmly ripping a strip from his blue shirt and using it to tie off his wounded arm.  Giotto was grinning at him, admiring his handiwork, his teeth flashing manically in the sun. Jim actually felt his own stomach cramp with emotion. Another wave of dizziness rolled though him and for the first time Jim acknowledged that he might not be feeling as well as he’d blustered to Spock before everything had gone to shit.

“Mister Giotto. What is your goal at this juncture?” Spock’s voice did something to him. It calmed Jim, allowing him to breathe more easily, focusing his thoughts.

“My goal?”  Giotto actually looked surprised for a second before he went back to gloating.

Jim darted a glance at the two Klingons who were still watching everything unfold, hidden from Giotto’s sight.  Ignored for the moment, Jim started flexing his muscles, trying to burn off the excess adrenaline-fueled energy that was still singing through his veins.

“Affirmative. Surely you have more planned than just calling us here to outline your, no doubt
flawless plan to pirate the flagship of the Federation and mutiny against her captain.”

Despite the seriousness of the situation, Jim hid a smirk at the understated bitchiness of Spock’s words. It was kind of nice to hear him use that tone on someone else for a change.

Giotto’s eyes narrowed. “I don’t think I like your tone of voice. You know, Mister Spock, if I decide to use this little toy on you, then your buddy over there won’t even have a body to cry over. You ever heard of a Klingon disruptor? This is a prototype of a new weapon. And they gave it to

“Hey!” Jim yelled, needing Giotto’s attention off of Spock and onto him. “You must not know much about Klingons, man.”

Giotto’s attention was caught, despite himself. “What the hell would you know, Kirk?”

Jim shrugged. “Oh, you’d be surprised at the few things that I’ve picked up over the years.”

“Yeah? Like what?” Giotto scoffed, turning his attention away from Spock, presenting his back fully to the two partially-hidden Klingons.

“Oh. A few things. Like, no Klingon would ever want to have anything to do with a lowly Human who had betrayed his ship and crew. Like, no whatever it is that they promised you, you can bet that they have their own agenda that doesn’t involve you.”

Giotto’s laugh rang out over the surface, echoing strangely over the uneven surfaces, only to turn to a surprised shout when the two Klingons stepped out of their hiding place with a creak of leather.

“Indeed, Captain Kirk.” The larger Klingon tilted his head taking in the wounded Vulcan and Jim stranded several feet away. The sun glinted on the silver of his eye patch, and Jim shuddered to realize that the eye patch the older man was wearing was actually bolted into the bones of his face.

“General Chang!” Giotto’s shock was not feigned. The two Klingons barely spared him a glance.  Before Jim could react, Chang calmly lifted his own weapon and pointed, shooting Giotto with a slight twitch of his finger.

Giotto’s scream sounded agonized, hanging in the air longer than his body did. The body seemed to melt, tissue and bone sliding together in the shape of Giotto’s body before flickering and disappearing.

Jim scrambled forward, stopped by the edge of the surface.  Jim felt himself trembling, and with a vague sense of horror, realized that it wasn’t
him that was trembling- but the surface as an earthquake shivered over the ground.. Jim fell to his knees, ripping his fingernails to the quick as he regained his balance, instinctively attempting to lower his center of gravity. He carefully moved back to the center of his prison, meeting Spock’s sharp gaze with an intense stare of his own.

That was way too fucking close.

“As he was valiant, I honour him. But as he was ambitious, I slew him.”

“Julius Caesar. Act Three, Scene Two.”

“Very good, Commander Spock. And for you as well, Captain. I admit to a certain.... pleasant surprise that you seem to know so much about our culture.”

“Great! If everyone’s so pleasantly surprised, then maybe you can beam me back over to join the party.”  Jim’s own smile was brittle as he cautiously stood again, preferring to meet whatever was going to happen on his feet, rather than on his knees.

Chang raised an eyebrow. “Alas, Captain, brevity is the soul of wit. Your former crewman had the portable transporter device. I am unsure as to his plans at separating you from your comrade, but I’m afraid that our business on this moon has concluded.”

“What business is that, General?”

Spock’s polite tone of voice could just have easily been discussing the weather. Another tremble of the moon’s surface caused the others to stagger around, barely keeping their balance. Jim let out an extremely undignified squawk, this time landing on his ass.

Spock’s gaze flicked to Jim once before he tugged down his black shirt, blithely ignoring the way that his wound was still slowly oozing blood from around the makeshift bandage. “One can only assume that it has something to do with the sudden seismic violence. Our scans indicated that there was some activity on the other side of the moon, but nothing that would affect us to this extent.”

“Indeed, Commander.”

Chang barked something in Klingon, and with a muffled tone disappeared in a whirl of the transporter beam.

Spock wasted no time. “Lieutenant Sulu!”

Sulu’s voice was garbled as he responded. There was a giant crash as part of the rocks, made unstable by the years of mining, began to crumble as the surface shook with another quake.


Fuck!” Jim wasn’t sure if he was cursing Sulu’s report or the way he ended up on his ass again. He scrambled for purchase as the rock  formation he’d been placed on began to tilt.

He looked up at Spock again, judging the distance.

Staying here was not going to work. Jim twisted, using the movement as momentum to get to his feet.

He heard a strangled sound from where Spock was standing, and jerked his head up to look fully.  Spock was staring off at a point behind him. Jim didn’t waste time turning; instead he backing up as far as he could to get the space he needed to jump. It was going to be close.

Jim didn’t want to think about that drop if he missed.

Ch 5 part II


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