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“I. Of course. Of course you are, Spock. You know that I trust you.”

“Indeed.” Spock turned on his heel and walked back to the main part of his quarters, continuing to ignore Jim’s question. He returned shortly with a small tray of food. Jim blushed when the scents hit his nose, causing his stomach to growl nosily. “Then I fail to understand why you would once again put yourself in an impossible situation. If you ‘trust me’ as you claim, then you would trust that the Ensign and I would have worked out a plan before you acted so …” Spock trailed off.

Getting bitched out by a Vulcan was really not at all what it was cracked up to be. Being lectured to in that bland, unemotional voice, with Spock looking at him as though he had done something incredibly stupid... hurt.

“Spock, do you trust me?”  The words were blurted out before Jim could stop them. He tried not to cringe as he waited for his answer. His arms felt heavy, and his face burned with mingled shame and the beginnings of anger.

“There is no being in any universe that I trust more, Jim.” Spock sat down in the chair across from the bed. “This....”  Spock stopped for a moment, and for just one tiny second his calm façade cracked. Jim’s heart lept into his chest at the sight. Fury, Passion, Anger- it didn’t matter which emotion Spock was feeling. Jim suddenly began to understand what was going on and he bit his lip, looking over to where Spock sat, staring down at the foot of the bed. He took a deep breath and began to speak. He didn’t have the handy mind whammy stuff that the Vulcan could use. He could only speak as honestly as possible and hope that Spock would understand.

“This is why you’re having a hard time. Part of you trusts me. You know I can do this. You know that you chose to be on
my ship, under my command.”

Spock was staring at him, finally, meeting Jim’s earnest gaze.  Encouraged, Jim continued. “You hate it when I’m hurt. When I have to do something that puts me in personal danger.”

“You surrendered yourself to a hostile enemy.”

“And you got me back.”

There was a beat of silence. Jim shifted on the bed, trying not to look over at the tray of food. The silence grew heavier as Spock processed this.

“Nyota suggested that if I did not like the situations in which you put yourself that I arrange things so that you would not disappear.”

Jim winced, recalling exactly why Spock may have overreacted at seeing him disappear in front of his eyes... especially following what had happened down on Praxis.  Well, that explained the restraints. Shame. he was kind of rooting for the sudden onset of kinky Vulcanism. 

His stomach growled again. Jim blushed and Spock’s lips twitched. Spock stood and reseated himself closer to Jim. There was a container, much like the first one Spock served to him, of Plomeek soup, several fruits and vegetables cut up into bite sized pieces, and a small square of chocolate cake. Jim reached for the cake, only to be brought up short by the cuff on his wrist.

Spock moved to release the fastening. Jim forestalled him by tilting his head and kissing Spock lightly on the side of his mouth. He felt Spock’s lips tremble slightly and they just sat like there for a minute, sharing each other’s breath.

“You know that I will probably do something stupid again, right?  And this caveman routine is sexy as hell...”

“There is no need to be insulting.”

Spock’s response made Jim snort a laugh. Spock continued to the fastening and Jim felt the pull as his muscles were released from the bindings.  He made quick work of the food, and collapsed back onto the bed, comfortably full.

“Bones said something about me being on medical leave for a few days. Then he knocked me out.”

“The good doctor has strong opinions about your latest actions.”

Jim snorted. That was rich.
Bones had strong opinions?! What was tying him to the bed, foreplay?


Jim stretched slowly, watching as Spock watched him stretch out of the corner of his eye.  He was a little out of his groove with everything happening as it had. As much as he wanted just to jump Spock and take his damn chances, the fact that Spock had been worried about him, that he’d actually tied Jim up so that he wouldn’t leave again made Jim feel less than his usually confident self.

“Hey, Spock, do you mind if I take a shower?”

Spock jumped a little, before turning to gather up the empty containers from Jim’s dinner. “That would be agreeable.”

Jim smirked to himself, walking into the ‘fresher and programming it so that he was hit with water- the temperature set so that it was almost too hot. He hissed a little as the water hit his back, rotating his neck and resting his forehead against the tile as the steam began to fill the small room. He quickly lathered himself, washing the lingering stench of the Klingon brig off of him. Jim found the shampoo and had just slicked up his hair, bubbles sliding down his back when he heard the hiss of the doors and froze for a moment, his heart beginning to pound in his chest.

He hadn’t been sure. Sure, he’d hoped. Shit, it was probably one of his most reoccurring fantasies. But he hadn’t been sure. Since Jim had beamed onto the other ship, Spock had been so aloof. Jim had become better at reading Spock’s emotions, but this had gone from one extreme to another so quickly that he found himself struggling to keep up, feeling completely out of his element.

The sound of the shower door sliding open caused Jim to bite his lip to keep the elated grin off of his face. He heard a choked sound that might have been his name, and turned blindly, finding Spock’s lips with his own. Jim’s hands drifted, sliding onto one shoulder, the other pulling them more firmly together as they kissed, his lips moving over Spock’s desperate for his taste.

Jim nipped at Spock’s lower lip, gasping when Spock reacted by stepping forward, shoving Jim back against the cold tiles of the shower. He yelped at the shock of the cold against his back, the sound changing quickly to a broken moan as Spock’s hands slid wetly up onto Jim’s face, somehow feeling hotter than the steamy water as they cupped Jim’s lower jaw. Jim felt anchored by all of his senses, held by Spock’s hands on his face, Spock’s lower body slotted to his so perfectly it was as though they were two pieces of the same puzzle, a low, almost purring growl as Spock kissed him, the humidity and heaviness of the water causing Jim to gasp into the hot mouth moving over his. He could faintly taste the bitter Vulcan tea Spock favored. Jim broke away from Spock’s mouth, his lungs heaving as he sucked a breath into his starved lungs.

Jim had to close his eyes for a second as he stood there, breathing heavily.

“You look.... I.”

Spock sounded as dazed as Jim felt. He gave a mental shrug as his hands slid onto Spock’s hips, sliding over the wet, slippery skin and cupping Spock’s ass, turning him slightly so that the angle changed just enough that Jim could slip his hand in-between their bodies. He didn’t exactly have a lot of experience at this particular showering activity , but Jim knew what he liked.

The rest just seemed logical.

Spock raised an eyebrow as though he had heard Jim’s thought, looking less dazed and more amused. Jim bent his head up slightly, kissing up the sharp edge of Spock’s jaw. Normally there was only an inch or so difference between their heights, but the way Jim was currently slumped against the shower stall, Spock’s body holding him in place allowed him to stretch his neck out a little to reach. Jim could feel the barest hint of stubble against his lips as slid slowly up to Spock’s ear. Jim wrapped his fingers around the hard length of Spock’s dick as his teeth reached the lobe, nipping slightly harder than what was probably polite.

Of course, when you had your hand wrapped around someone’s dick, there probably wasn’t exactly a manual of rules to follow.

Jim moved his head back, watching as Spock’s eyes widened, his mouth dropping slightly open as Jim worked his fingers over him.

“I thought of this, you know.” Jim watched as Spock’s gaze, sharpened, focused onto his own. “I thought of all the ways that I could bring you off. My hands. My mouth. Fuck, Spock, I couldn’t stop thinking of you.”

Spock made a desperate sort of sound as Jim twisted his wrist, tightening his grip enough that he could feel Spock as he grew harder. With his other hand, Jim cupped his palm under the soap dispenser, having to smile a little at the collection of white foam in his hand. “I’ve done this to myself hundreds of times, but I never thought you’d let me put my hands on you, Spock. On your cock.”

“Jim, if you ….continue,” Spock gasped a little, “To smirk at the rhyming appellation, I will not be responsible for my ...actions.”

“But Spock’s co--mmmph!” Spock kissed him again, wrapping his own hand around Jim’s throbbing length, his long fingers causing Jim to forget what he was saying, forget what his point was, practically forget his fucking name as they caught and matched a rhythm, stroking each other with a desperate need.


Spock didn’t moan, or buck. He didn’t scream, curse, or pant- none of the things Jim had done whenever he came. Somehow though, the way Spock tensed, his lips trembling almost imperceptibly over Jim’s name as he rested his forehead against Jim’s was more intense than anything Jim had ever experienced.

Jim shuddered against Spock in turn, biting his own lips to keep himself from saying something stupid.

They didn’t move for a moment. Eventually they moved apart, sharing a small kiss as they rinsed off. Spock turned and shut off the water. Jim felt a little awkward as Spock handed him a towel, wrapping one around his own hips.

Jim dried off his hair first, then slung the towel towards the recycler, letting his body air dry. He scooped up his sweats and slid into them, carefully not meeting Spock’s eyes. Usually after getting off, he wanted nothing more than to get the fuck out of Dodge before things got too awkward.

Now though, he stalled. He... didn’t want to leave. Jim found himself cleaning up the few things that were out of place. He blushed a little at the way the restraints still hung from the headboard, his eyes skipping over them a little guiltily at the way his heartbeat sped up a little at seeing them. He brushed some imaginary lint off of his hip and shifted his weight uncomfortably. If he just asked, then Spock would feel obligated to--


Spock’s voice made Jim jump a little, startling him out of his thoughts. He turned, meeting Spock’s calm gaze. Somehow it was bizarre to see Spock still draped in the towel, calmly watching Jim as he fiddled around his quarters.


“It has been my observation that after coitus, it is traditional for the visiting party to stay the nightif there are no pressing engagements. As Doctor McCoy ordered you off duty for another thirty-six-point-three hours, I would like to offer you my bed and the hospitality of my quarters.”

“You had me at observation.”

“I beg your pardon?”

Jim shook his head. Handjobs in the shower was a pretty big step. It was maybe a little early to work on obscure twentieth century pop culture references. “Nothing. And yeah, that sounds great.” Jim turned towards Spock’s bed and flipped down the tightly folded covers, sliding into one side of the bed quickly, before Spock had the opportunity to change his mind.

Spock turned out the light and slid into the bed besides him. Jim yawned, trying to stifle the sound behind his hand.

“You’re sure that you’re okay with this?” Jim turned, deciding on the spot that Spock was a much more comfortable pillow, nuzzling a little into Spock’s heat. There was a silence for quite awhile, and just as Jim was on that very edge of sleep, he heard Spock’s whisper.

“Yes Jim. I am sufficiently more than “okay” with... this.”


Date: 2011-04-02 09:25 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] ladyblahblah.livejournal.com
EEEEEEEEE! Okay, so I love the Kirk-getting-himself-into-trouble-because-he-knows-Spock-will-save-him trope. LOVE. IT. And this does such a lovely job providing it for me! ^__^ ILU, bb. Long time. *tacklehug*

Date: 2011-04-02 10:22 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] ninjaboots.livejournal.com

So much porny lovely angsty fluffy ridiculous WIN!

I am addicted to ALL OF YOUR FIC FOREVER. I needs my fix, precious, yes.

Date: 2011-04-03 04:53 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] yesterday-girl.livejournal.com
Well I'll be right back......*retires to bunk and cold shower* ;0)

I love it when Spock gets pissed with Jim. I love that Jim asks if it Spockj going down on him in part 1 cos obviosuly he must wake up with a queue of people doign such a thing....haha

Did I say how much I love you yet? lol

There is only 1 logical thing to say .......

MORE FIC NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Date: 2011-04-04 12:52 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile] littleboycalico.livejournal.com
YAY handjobs in the shower!! God, I love possessive!Spock!

“You had me at observation.”

“I beg your pardon?”

That made me giggle! Can't wait for the next porny part! :D


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