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Title: (You Won’t) Fall for That
Author: [livejournal.com profile] 1lostone
Rating: NC17
Pairing: Spock/Bones
Word Count: 17,909
Summary: Written for [info]darlapr0duction’s prompt for the [info]help_midwest challenge. In the middle of shore leave, the drunken bet seemed like a lark: “Get Spock laid.” Leonard found himself laughing just as much as the rest of them. What a ridiculous idea.
Notes/Warnings: (highlight):Angst, Schmoop,  I did not intend for there to be any such ‘kinda sorta’ consent issues when I wrote this, but to do the prompt I guess they are there. Kindof. Sorta. Anyway, if that’s a trigger you might want to give this one a pass. [info]darlapr0duction prompted this several, several months ago- even though I told her I had a few other fics to finish first. She was endlessly patient. BB, I hope you enjoy this. I tried to get everything in from your prompt, but you’ll see where it went in a few other places! Thanks to[info]jademac2442 for her ninjabeta skillz and endless patience, and to [info]jlm121 for the cheerleading and occasional kick in the butt to remind me SPONES WRITE SPONES NOWWW. :) I love you guys! Oh yeah. Title taken from Three Card Trick, by the Clash. ♥

That, of course, was the beginning of the end. Whatever obsessive-type tendencies he’d had before were nothing compared to how he acted now. Leonard began to avoid Jim and Spock during off-duty hours, so ashamed of his own pettiness that it was making him ill. He couldn’t look at Jim without thinking of him and Spock twisted together, fucking. Then he would feel revulsion at his own imagination, sick at his own jealousy as he tried again to stop thinking about it. He drank a little more. His charming personality became a whole lot less charming.  He was snappy and bitingly sarcastic when any of the idiots that worked for him made a mistake. He’d even tried buying Spock little gifts, but had chickened out at the last minute, and instead had had them beamed aboard anonymously. Nothing much. Some seeds from one of the Vulcan colonies. A black tunic, made from fabrics that had cost him a ridiculous amount of money to find given that the planet that the material was made on had been obliterated. Just things that were on second and third thought way to sentimental to give to someone who was fucking your best friend.

But he couldn’t seem to help himself, either.

Leonard hadn’t even realized what he was saying until Chapel’s lips had given an unfamiliar quiver.  He’d snapped out a dismissal, only to see Jim standing there with a carefully blank look on his face.

“Bones? You wanna come with me for a few minutes?”

No, he defiantly did not. Leonard huffed out a breath, noticing the tear-filled glance of thanks that Christine gave Jim behind Leonard’s back, and felt even more like a fucking heel. Shit. Shitshitshit.

“Yeah, okay, Jim. I can shuffle some things around.”

“Yeah, that wasn’t exactly a request, Bones. We can use your office.” Seeing the careful, tight smile on Jim’s face and realizing that Jim was giving him his ‘Captain face’ had made Leonard feel lower than the trail left by a Denebian slime devil. Jim turned on his heel and Leonard followed with his anger draining out of him as he rubbed his hand on the back of his neck. 

“Jim, I--”

Jim just held up a hand.

“I wasn’t going to say anything. I figured whatever had crawled up your ass would crawl back out eventually. I ignored it when people started coming to me in confidence, worried about you. I could see that shit for myself. You look like you’ve lost weight. And don’t even get me started on the bags under your eyes. I know what you look like after a hangover, Bones.”

Leonard opened his mouth, defensive, only to shut it when Jim began pacing, unable to keep still.  “I know it’s my fault, Bones. I’m a shitty friend. I just... Spock pointed out to me that I had been spending ‘43% less time in the good doctor’s company’ since the start of our mission and fuck, Bones. I know I screwed up okay? I even tried to apologize, but I guess I fucked that up too, because that’s the night you started drinking on fucking duty. Now you’re biting Christine’s head off for dropping a fucking hypo?” Jim stopped mid-pace, looking miserable.

Leonard stared  carefully at the floor.

“Look. I... I don’t expect you to forgive me okay? I know it’s all my fault. For what it’s worth, I honestly didn’t realize that I was being a dick until Spock refused to play chess with me for the last four nights in a row. Shit, you know I’m a moron when fucking Spock is pointing out that I’m a shittastic friend.”

Jim’s lips quirked in a small, tentative smile. Leonard’s throat tightened. He might be a coward, but he couldn’t keep lying. His mama’d raised him better.

“It’s not you.”

Jim looked shocked at the low words. Surprise flared in his eyes before the Captain mask came back on.


Leonard’s hands shook as he walked over to the replicator, ordering a soda. He needed the sugar. He wanted to dump about a fifth of whiskey in it, but knew Jim wasn’t exactly known for his patience. It had been too much to hope that Chapel hadn’t noticed that he’d showed up to work, hungover, miserable, still drunk from the night before because of some half-cocked idea that avoiding the detox hypo would be fitting punishment for his own damn stupidity. It had only been the one time, but it had shamed him so much. He hadn’t been this pathetic since his daddy was sick. He wasn’t mad that she had told Jim. That was her job, and she did her job damn well.

He sighed.

“No bullshit, Jimmy. I’ve been avoiding you. On purpose.”  Leonard sipped his drink, his stomach rolling unpleasantly at the sugary sweetness.

“Wait, what?”

Leonard sighed again. “I don’t begrudge you your friendship, Jim. At first, I thought it was great. You guys seemed to just click. I know that I’m not gonna stand in the way of that.”

“At first?”

Leonard turned, struggling to keep his face blank. “Then I realized that you. That he. You and Spock---”

“Me and... wait, what?!”

Leonard didn't notice the note of incredulity that sent Jim's voice screeching  slightly out of his normal range. Shame was like some heavy suit, weighting him down. "Look, Jimmy. I can get over it. Maybe go to a whorehouse or something. Fuck it out of my system." Leonard forced a smile, meeting Jim's shocked, wide gaze for the first time. "It's just been awhile. I won't let this thing affect my job. Uh, anymore than it already --"

"Jesus fuck, Bones, shut up."                                      

Leonard did with a small pop of sound from his mouth.

"Jesus." Jim sounded like he couldn't believe what he had just heard. "That is so fucking weird!"

Leonard blinked.

"You know, it was weird enough when Spock told me that he ' desired to learn the particulars of sexual congress from an experienced individual' but you, Bones? That's like... I just never realized you would be into an anonymous fuck, especially one you had to pay for."

Leonard frowned, for a second not sure if he heard Jim right. "You... You're okay with sending Spock to a ... a ..." Several things began to click into place. His alcohol-stupid and sleep-deprived brain came online all at once with an almost physical jolt. Leonard’s eyes widened and he jerked his gaze to Jim’s wide-eyed, and slightly horrified one.

“Uh Bones. You know that I love you man, but uh.. I don’t like the ol’ beans and franks as much as.. uh. What I mean to say is that uh... love in this sense is a purely friendly, nobody’s-dick-in-anyone’s-ass kinda love, man.” He actually pulled on the neck of his collar. For a second, Leonard thought about putting him out of his misery, but given the shit Jim had put him through (even if Jim didn’t know it) the past few months, he figured this was payback. “Um! Not that I have a problem with that. ‘Cuz, you know... lesbians! Lesbians are fucking awesome.”  He coughed. “And you know that some of my best friends are...” Jim finally trailed off when he noticed Leonard’s smirking grin, eyes narrowing as he realized that he was the butt of the joke. “Oh, fuck you.”

“You sure? Now, is that ‘fuck me’ in a dick-in-my-ass kind of way?” Leonard watched as Jim turned several different shades of pink before settling on a nice, bright red. “Jesus, kid. Remind me to sign you up for the shipboard sensitivity training.” Leonard smirked and turned to walk out of the room. “Talk to you later, okay?” Sometimes distractions were the best way to go with Jim. Leonard took two steps before Jim’s voice stopped him short.

“Wait! Bones!”

Shit. Sometimes they didn’t work. Damn mule-headed infant.

“So let me get this straight. You’ve been a total tool to everyone on my ship... because you were jealous? Of me and Spock?”

Leonard sighed. Fuck his life. Fuck his stupid, stupid emotions. “Not exactly, Jimmy. And not of you.”



Jim was actually quiet a second. “Look.” He took a step forward, reaching out to clasp Leonard on the shoulder. “I’m not trying to be a douche here, but you and Spock aren’t exactly best friends, man. I thought you couldn’t stand him.”

Somehow the fact that both of those things were the gospel truth hurt more than anything. “Yeah well... you don’t know everything, do you?”

“No. Of course not. Do you... love him, Bones?”

Leonard’s eyes widened. The automatic answer was on his lips, before he managed to reign himself in. Say what you want to about his marriage, he had been in love with her. At least until everything went to shit. And even then he’d hung on to his love for Joce, even when it was painful. This... whatever it was that he felt for Spock. Interest? Fixation? Whatever it was... he’d get it out of his system soon enough. It wasn’t love. Leonard managed to shake his head, not meeting Jim’s gaze.

It couldn’t be.

Jim huffed out a breath before pulling Leonard into a rough hug. “Okay then you grouchy bastard. I’ll give you the same advice that I gave Spock. We have shore leave in a week. There’s something on Risa for everyone. Go and fuck it out of your system! I mean, what could go wrong, right?”

Leonard slung his arm around Jim’s shoulders, forcing a grin. They walked to the mess, ate a meal, and Jim walked him to his cabin, where Leonard earned another slap on the back before he crawled into his bunk, completely and utterly fucking exhausted. Leonard spent four hours staring up at his ceiling, unable to sleep.


Even that hadn’t been a clue. 

Two days after he and Jim’s heart-to-heart, Leonard still couldn’t explain why he wanted Spock so much. He’d been pretty even-handed when it came to sex. Oh sure, Starfleet still liked to pigeon-hole people by their sexuality, even as much as they claimed to embrace ICDC. That had always given Leonard a bit of a laugh. Starfleet was about as good at it as the damn Vulcans.

He didn’t want people because of what some ancient psycho-babble bullshit had predicted. He wanted who he wanted, and that was pretty much that. Still. When he allowed himself to think... to really think about Spock, he was like some damn kid. His dick was hard and he was cursing his own pathetic control. Leonard had managed to join both Jim and Spock for a meal. He had felt hyper-aware of everything Spock did. The precise way he chewed his food. The almost stilted--even for a Vulcan!--conversation.  The curve of his goddamn beautiful ear, his long, graceful fingers....

Leonard swore under his breath, adjusting himself surreptitiously under the desk. This was ridiculous.

“Doctor McCoy?”

Leonard jumped in his seat, the PADD at his elbow clattering to the floor. He bent to grab for it, knocking his head against the corner of his desk. He was lucky that it didn’t knock over the mug of tea that he had brewed.

“Ouch! Motherfucker!”

When he managed to slam the damn PADD onto his desk, and blink away the tears of pain, Spock was standing there with a very carefully blank look on his face, at his customary parade rest.

“Doctor, if you are done voicing your own colorful metaphors, I require your assistance on a medical issue.”

Leonard ignored the throbbing pain in his head and stood, tugging on his uniform. “Yeah. Of course, Spock. Sorry about that.” He heard the fake jocularity in his voice and wanted to wince. His voice seemed too loud in the small office, like he was trying too hard.

“It is of no matter.” Spock raised an eyebrow.

“Come on in then.” Leonard had gotten into the habit of examining Spock in his office to spare Spock the indignity of a public examination. It had started after the events of the Narada. Spock had acknowledged Leonard’s insistence on allowing the Vulcan refugees their own section of the dreadfully crowded sickbay with a simple tilt of his eyebrow. Neither one of them had spoken about it. Leonard hadn’t seen the need to state to state the obvious, and Spock would rather lead an Orion slave dance than admit that he and the other Vulcans he’d saved would prefer privacy to the well-meaning, sympathetic stares of the other crew members.  It had been pretty much cemented when he’d helped Spock with the shelat (its stay on the Enterprise had been brief, and Leonard had treated two other bites from other crew members before Spock had found it a home on New Vulcan.) “So what’s up, Spock?”

Leonard stared intensely at his PADD, nervous that somehow Spock would be able to read his attraction and almost missed Spock’s movement. On anyone else he would have called it a nervous twitch. Spock’s hands opened slightly, the left resting on his thigh before he moved his hands back to behind his back. 

“I find myself ... reluctant to speak of my needs.”

“You can tell me anything, Spock. You know that. Even if I wanted to tell someone...”

“You misunderstand, Doctor McCoy. My reluctance stems not from any doubt on your professionalism. Indeed, your dedication to your position as Chief Medical Officer is what brings me to seek your assistance.”

“Oh. Okay, then.” Leonard looked up, frowning slightly. He was used to his patients hemming and hawing over some embarrassing disease or pustule on their ass or genitalia. The fact that Spock wasn’t just spitting out whatever it was that he needed made Leonard echo Spock’s raised eyebrow. “Whenever you’re ready.” Maybe it would be easier for him if Leonard wasn’t staring directly at him. He set down the PADD and took a drink of his tea.

“I have decided that I wish to, to use a human colloquialism, lose my virginity.”

Leonard choked. His fingers tightened on the handle of the mug so tightly that he heard the material creak. Fury was so bright that he had to bite his own tongue to keep the words behind his teeth. Jealousy made his stomach lurch unpleasantly. The mental image of Spock with some nameless, faceless fuck made him sick. Leonard set the mug of tea down very carefully, forcing his own emotions back down. He would do this, goddamnit. He could be a fucking professional.

“Well, congrafuckinglations, Spock.”

“Is something amiss?” Spock tilted his head slightly to the left, as though Leonard had done something particularly curious.

Leonard forced himself to breathe, turning and facing Spock with his face as blank as he could make it. “Of course not. What do you need me for? Lube? Condoms? Updated STI vaccinations?” Spock gave that weird sort of not-twitch again. The very tips of his ears flushed, and Leonard inwardly cursed at himself.  He was being a dick. 

“My telepathy will make an act such as sexual congress even more intimate. While that would be an optimal situation were I seeking such... contact with someone who was an intended telsu, I am concerned that my shields will not be at their optimal strength during the act. I find that I do not wish to limit myself, Doctor McCoy. The Captain has extolled the virtues of sexual congress with an anonymous partner. From a purely scientific standpoint, I feel that this would best suit my needs.”

Leonard was so silent that he could hear each, individual breath as Spock breathed in and out after his speech.  He swallowed hard, biting the inside of his cheek again before he spoke.

“So, you want.. what. Some kind of telepathic neural blocker?”

“Essentially, yes. I am quite curious. I find that I wish... to experience everything, Doctor McCoy. But I do not wish to... overwhelm my partner. To be clear, the sexual congress is one form of intimacy that I am willing to share with a virtual stranger.  Mental intimacy, however,  I will only share with a bonded mate. A neural blocker will render my telepathy out of commission. Several hours should be sufficient.”

“I’ll have to do some calculations. See what I can come up with. It shouldn’t be too difficult. We have a few days before you beam down. I’ll see what I can come up with and let you know.” Leonard almost sounded normal, despite the way he wanted to grind his teeth together.

Spock nodded once, did a textbook-perfect about face and walked out of Leonard’s office without a word, his body almost painfully rigid as though he had no desire to continue the conversation.

Leonard whirled, scooping up the tea and holding it with both trembling hands.  God. God, this was... Spock wanted to fuck someone. Great. Billions of beings did it every day. It wasn’t a big deal. Spock wanted to fuck someone and keep it neat- no accidental telepathy. Fine. Again, not a big deal. 

Only it was. It fucking was a big deal. Sure, Risa was known for providing pleasure to countless types of beings, from a number of different planets. Leonard had had enough psychoanalysis to understand why Spock wanted to limit himself. Suppression of his Vulcan side. Indulging his humanity. Whatever. But without his telepathy, he wouldn’t be able to read the intentions of whatever whore that was ...providing the hole. Whichever whore he was fucking. He could be... hurt. Spock might be too uncomfortable to be clear about his limits. Fuck, he might not even know what his limits were. The sex could be too rough. Or it could be fucked up or perverted or...

With a low, frustrated hiss, Leonard’s tea landed against the bulkhead with a sharp crash of ceramic, the dark stain bleeding down the wall in slow drips.


And fuck it all if it hadn’t been ridiculously simple.

A slight, offhanded comment to Jim about a particular house that Leonard had heard would be perfect for the right price. Leonard knew that Jim would be the cherry on the sundae. Spock trusted Jim implicitly. He had a brief second of guilt for using Jim like that- but it wasn’t like Jim hadn’t used him in the past. Leonard couldn’t think of how many goddamn times he’d covered for Jim when girlfriend #3 or #5 or whatever commed looking for him.

Several hundred thousand credits to ensure that the whore Spock had paid for had the night off, with Leonard in his place with none the wiser. Spock’s taste had been impeccable. Classy, for a whorehouse. Known for keeping the utmost in secrecy. Known throughout the galaxy as catering to the whims of their customers.

Some oils to mask his own scent, a hypo of Fl’garria’an flu vaccine. Not contagious, but it fucked up the vocal cords so that Leonard didn’t sound like himself. If he was careful to keep his voice low, Spock would never know.

Simple instructions for Spock to bathe, to put on the blindfold and to wait for him on the bed.

Leonard had a moment, a brief almost incapacitating moment, of trepidation when he saw Spock stretched out on the ridiculously large bed, pale and lean in the low light. The blindfold had been securely fastened. One pale green corner of the sheet kept Spock from being completely naked.

Was this really right? Sure, Spock didn’t pick Leonard. He doubted that he would ever show up on Spock’s radar. But, the Vulcan did pay for sex with a stranger. Leonard could be that stranger, yet still keep Spock safe. If Spock thought that the only way that he would be able to enjoy sex was for him to circumvent the part of him that made him Vulcan, then so be it. He could trust Leonard not to hurt him. 

And if Spock never knew it was Leonard that he had fucked, all to the better. Leonard was certain that he would get over this stupid... crush. Fixation. Whatever the fuck was going on in his head if he could just...

Leonard sucked in a deep breath, squared his shoulders, and walked inside the opulent room.  The large bed was the centerpiece of the main area. There was an en-suite to the left, and a faint humidity that hinted that Spock had bathed. Leonard doubted that Spock would care, but the room was very tastefully decorated in muted greens and browns. There were several mirrors placed around the bed, as well as a small shelf with every single sexual aide that Leonard could imagine (and quite frankly some that he had no idea what the fuck they were for) using organized by lube down to plugs, to various whips and restraints.

He could see Spock stiffen slightly as he padded on bare feet towards the bed.

“Good evening, sir,” Leonard croaked. His voice was several octaves lower than his normal pitch. He didn’t quite whisper, but the ;Flagarria’an flu vaccine kept him from giving up the whole charade. He could already feel his cock fill out at just the sight of Spock splayed across the cushions and was glad for the tight underwear that kept his dick pressed close to his body. 

“You will find that I have completed a list of acceptable sexual acts that I wish to experiment with for an optimal pleasurable gratification and sent it along with your payment.”

Leonard blinked, nonplussed.

“Ah. How very organized.”

“Indeed. Proceed.”

Leonard had to bite his lip to keep from laughing. “Hmm. Well, I can see that you’re pretty good at all that organization. But you gotta trust that I am extremely creative, sir. How about this. You let me do what I want. You paid for a professional and I am very good at this.You tell me to stop if you don’t like it. Then we both get what we want.”

There was a moment of silence. It almost seemed to drag on too long, before Spock relaxed just slightly into the mattress. “This is acceptable.”

And just like that, Leonard felt a lot less guilty about his presence there. It was just as he had feared. Spock wasn’t just giving up control, he was tossing it out of the window. Still, that didn’t stop him from sliding his hand from Spock’s ankle, up his long leg, to the lightly furred thigh. Leonard bent over Spock’s almost too-still form, biting his lip. Spock’s skin felt slightly warmer than what he had expected. He’d never been able to touch Spock’s skin before without gloves and the freedom, the feel of each hair as it slid against his palm, of the dips and tightness of Spock’s musculature as Leonard stroked his hand up Spock’s body, his torso and chest, down his arm and to his hand made his heart beat ridiculously quickly. 

Leonard licked his lips and tangled their fingers together for a moment. There was always the chance that the neural blocker had not worked as Leonard had anticipated. He did make mistakes, and Vulcan telepathy wasn’t exactly well-documented. Spock hissed, and jerked his hand away with a small, low sound that went directly to Leonard’s cock. 

“Like that... hmm?”

“Cease talking.”

“I beg your pardon?”

“I require your silence.” Leonard could see the stubborn jut of Spock’s jaw. He almost shrugged. No skin off his ass. It might be a little off, but it did make it easier on Leonard. Besides, he couldn’t imagine Spock being vocal during sex. Leonard bent down and kissed him, determined to nip that stubborn jaw back into some sort of submission.

Kroikah!”  The sound Spock made made Leonard freeze. Spock’s hand snapped out, finding Leonard’s wrist with uncanny precision. Leonard felt the faint stirring of the air currents on his lips from where Spock spoke. “Do not touch my hands excessively. Additionally, kissing is unnecessary.”

Spock released his wrist with an almost violent movement. “I was informed that the terms of our contract stipulated that the price of the transaction ensured that you would perform the specificated acts of sexual acts. If you wish, I will reiterate the pertinent information for your edification.”

Leonard’s lips twitched. Prickly hobgoblin. That was classic passive aggressive bitchy; a textbook Spock response to something he was pissed off about... yet didn’t want to show that he had succumbed to a paltry human emotion.

“Not necessary. You came here for a new experience, correct?”

“Affirmative.” Spock’s breath stuttered slightly when Leonard’s fingers brushed slightly against his bangs, ghosting over Spock’s winged eyebrows, barely visible with the large, black blindfold that had been tied around his head.

“The thing about sex is that it’s a lot more fun if you don’t plan it out in advance. How about this. I’ll do something- don’t worry. I won’t kiss and I won’t talk if that’s what you want, but if you don’t like something you tell me.” Leonard felt his cock twitch and was very thankful that his voice didn’t sound like his own.

Spock’s head tilted. “This is acceptable.” Before Leonard could do anything else, Spock flipped over, pushing himself up to his knees.

Leonard just stared at that long expanse of skin, at Spock’s trim-looking ass, and at what seemed like miles and miles of slightly olive-tinged skin with his mouth open. Clearly, Spock had his own ideas about what he was doing here. He licked his lips, took a deep breath and began.

Spock might sound bitchy, and he might seem confident, but it was clear that he wasn’t completely comfortable with the vulnerable position. Leonard reached out and trailed his hand down Spock’s spine, nails trailing lightly over each bump. He could see Spock’s skin take the small marks, a darker green until they faded back to his normal color. Spock shivered a little, moving a little on the bed so that his shoulders were closer to the mattress, pushing his ass up in the air.

Well, that was clear enough.

Leonard bent a little closer, rubbing all the skin he could reach: Spock’s back, down over his ribs, the front of his pelvis and back around over the globes of his ass, down the back of the thighs, and around to the front. Leonard avoided Spock’s dick and balls, and the crease of his ass, but kept touching him, occasionally rubbing his body against him just for the slightly uneven huff of breath Spock gave. Leonard licked his lips again and leaned forward, breathing over the bottommost bump on Spock’s spine, holding that position until his lips almost tingled with want. His breath was hot but he didn’t kiss him, just breathed on him, until Spock moved almost imperceptibly spreading his legs just the slightest bit wider.

Leonard smirked, rubbing his jaw on the tender skin at Spock’s tailbone. He had shaved a couple hours ago, and the difference between the smoothness of Spock’s skin  and his beard had to be on just this side of painful. Leonard had the flash of what Spock’s thighs would look like, covered in beard burn and had to press the heel of his hand to his cock, readjusting himself. He gave Spock plenty of time to move away, slowly brushing his cheek down the side of his left buttcheek, turning so his breath was heavy on the taunt skin. He brushed his lips to the curve and Spock froze for a moment. Leonard waited, making sure Spock didn’t say anything, and when he was silent, slowly pulled apart the cheeks of Spock’s ass and breathed in the musky scent of him. He was actually dizzy for a moment, imagining all of the things he could do to Spock, all of the things that he could introduce him to. He sighed, and the feel of his breath against his hot skin caused Spock to twitch a little.

Leonard breathed deeply and began licking at him, slowly introducing Spock to the feeling of his tongue. Spock made a muffled sound when Leonard flicked the tip of his tongue over the spiral of deeply green-tinted tightly furled skin and Leonard immediately decided that whatever else happened tonight, he was going to make sure Spock made many, many more noises just like that.

He bit at the curve of Spock’s ass, pulling off but keeping him spread open, waiting again for Spock to tell him something. He wanted to ask him, to talk and speak all he filthy things that were just begging to come out of his mouth, but refrained. Spock didn’t want him to talk...

...and all at once Leonard realized why. The thought caused a deep feeling of jealousy to cause his fingers to tighten on Spock’s ass, pulling him just slightly more open. He used his thumbs on Spock’s hole, pushing slightly, tracing the small spot over and over, pressing just slightly inside. He bent and licked at him again, running his tongue up and down. Spock didn’t want him to talk, because he was obviously picturing someone else fucking him. Someone else touching him like this.

Leonard stabbed his tongue inside of him, holding it there for a second before wiggling it. Spock’s arms snapped taunt, his hands giving him purchase against he mattress so that he could push his ass back onto Leonard’s mouth. Leonard pushed again slightly with his chin, knowing that his bristle would sting and Spock trembled. Leonard’s mouth wandered down to Spock’s balls, lipping at one than the other and pulling just the slightest bit at the skin before releasing it to lick back up.

“Hold yourself,” he whispered.

Spock seemed to understand immediately, moving so that he was holding his face from the covers with his shoulders. He slid his hands over Leonard’s for just a moment, their fingers tangling together as Spock took over, holding his cheeks apart for Leonard’s mouth. He didn’t waste any time, licking and making Spock as wet as he could with flicking, teasing swirls of his tongue, only occasionally sliding it inside of Spock as the tight muscle relaxed in increments. 

He still had to move away from Spock to get the lube and it wasn’t all that goddamn easy to leave him even for that long. Leonard was pretty sure that he would have the image burned into his retinas for the rest of his natural life: Spock’s fingers slightly whitened with pressure as he held himself open, Leonard’s spit leaving his skin shiny in the faint light of the room. He could see Spock’s dick, flushed a dark green with blood as it swayed slightly when Spock shifted and his mouth went dry with so much fucking want that he had to grip his own prick through his underwear like a damn teenager so that he wouldn’t come. 

“Jesus, Spock.”

Spock moved inhumanly fast. In a flash he was up on his knees, ripping off the blindfold. Leonard actually took a step backwards when he realized what he had said. Shit. Shit fucking fucking shit shit shit!  Spock appeared completely calm, his face blank as he raised one eyebrow, smoothly moving off the bed and standing, his hand twitching as though he wanted to reach out for Leonard. 

“I....”  But Leonard didn’t know what to say. Didn’t know what he could say. He forced a smile. It felt horrible, like he was stretching skin that couldn’t stretch anymore. He watched as something in Spock’s eyes shifted. Darkened.

It was too much. The last bit of his courage broke. Leonard whirled and ran for the door.

And that was the final thing.

In the corridor- Jim must have really been talking up the damn place- was one of the lieutenants from security. He was just leaving, his arm wrapped around a half-naked, giggling woman. The taller man turned in surprise at the way Leonard jerked open the door, his gaze flicking from Leonard’s dick, still hard and obscenely stretching his briefs to Spock standing naked just inside of the room.

 It only took a moment. A second for everything in Leonard’s heart to shatter. A second for him to remember, to know what the Lieutenant was going to say before he opened his damnfool mouth.

“Hey, Doc!” His voice was slurred, rough with a lot of alcohol consumed in a small amount of time; a man who was enjoying the hell out of his shore leave. “Looks like you won the bet after all. Guess that stick does come out of his ass!”



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